Custom Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes                    and More!

                    Servings:     8”in Round: 12-14      10” Round: 18-24     ½ Sheet: 25-40         Full Sheet: 35-50 

 Standard Cake Selections:  Buttercream Icing, Chocolate, Vanilla or Marble Cake Batter

8 “Double Layer: $35 -add’l 3rd Layer: $12 extra                     10” Double Layer: $60 - Add a 3rd Layer: $18 extra

½ Sheet Cake Single Layer: $50                                                  ½ Sheet Cake Double Layers: $85

1 Full Sheet Cake Single Layer: $90                                             1 Full Sheet Cake Double Layers: $165

*Fruit Filled, Specialty Batters and Decorative Requests at an Additional Charge

Specialty Cakes

The Best Ever Carrot Cake: This recipe has been perfected over time with distinctive fillings, Orange Zest Cream Cheese Frosting. It’s been said, this cake will change your life!  

8” inch Double Layer - $58.50    10” inch Double Layer -  $80  ½ Sheet Single Layer: $77   Full Sheet Single Layer: $120

Coca Cola Chocolate Cake: The moistest Chocolate Cake ever! Two rich layers of Chocolate Cake infused with Bubbly Coca Cola for a rich chocolate cake frosted with Bakers Chocolate, Butter and Vanilla – Piped and Decorated for an impressive cake!

8” inch Double Layer - $52.50     10” inch Double Layer - $72.50

Toasted Coconut Cake: It’s the Almond essence in the cake and the Rich Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting dusted with Toasted Coconut that will have you sneaking another bite!

  ½ Sheet Single Layer: $77   Full Sheet Single Layer:  $125

Specialty Pies

Coffee Buttercrunch, Peanut Butter Mousse – Deep Dish serves 10+: $32 - $10 deposit for glass pie dish

10” Tin – serves 7+: $22

Key Lime – Deep Dish serves 10+: $26           10” Tin – serves 7+: $18

Fruit Pies – Deep Dish serves 10+: $23.50 $10 Deposit for glass Pie Dish          10” Tin – serves 7+: $16


Please inquire about our Custom Cupcakes, Cookie Platters, Whoopie Pies and Party Shooters!

Full Payment is required at time of order and  may not be cancelled once payment has been made