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Cold Appetizers 
*We can Tailor your menu to fit your needs however, here are some of the most popular:

Serves 25 Guests

Homemade Chicken Salad on Ciabatta Bites - $85

Classic Deviled Eggs - $65

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus - Fresh Asparagus wrapped with Salty Prosciutto and dusted with fresh Parmesan- $105 


Lime Marinated Shrimp — Jumbo shrimp marinated in fresh lime juice served with a Cilantro Aioli - $155

Salami CoronetsHard Salami stuffed with Spanish Olives &  Cream Cheese - $90

Bruschetta & Toppings– Olive Tapenade & Double Tomato -$ 110

Caprese Kebabs - Buffalo Mozzarella, Ripe Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil with a drizzle of Balsamic Vinaigrette - $110

Gourmet Cheese Log with Crushed Pistachios served with Gourmet Crackers - $75 

Cheese and Fruit Platter - Imported & Domestic Cheeses with Fresh Seasonal Fruit - $102

Charcuterie Board - A large Butcher Block Platform with a spread of meats, cheeses, olives, artichoke hearts, nuts, hummus or pate', fruit, dried fruit, routines and crackers


Hot Appetizers

Serves 25 Guests

Bite size handmade Crab Cakes — served with our Cajun Remoulade - 152.50


Homemade Meatballs in a Merlot Marinara - $110

Bacon wrapped jumbo Scallops — served with a Dill Pickle Tartar sauce - $150

Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms - $110

Satay Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Peanut Dipping Sauce - $125


Spanakopita - Spinach & Feta Filo triangles - $125

Grilled Lamb Lollipops - with Mint Chutney Glaze - $180

Coconut Fried Jumbo Shrimp with Mango Chutney Dip - $145

Mini Beef Wellingtons with Mushroom Duxelles - $175

Vegetarian Kabobs – Skewers of Peppers, Onions, Squash, Cherry Tomatoes with a Balsamic drizzle - $120

Smokies in a Blanket – Mini Smokies wrapped in Puff Pastry with BBQ dip - $75

Chorizo Queso & House Fried Tortilla Chips - $85

Spinach, Artichoke and Garlic Dip - House Fried Tortilla Chips - $95


Southwest Buffet
$48 Per Person

House Queso, Deep Fried Salted Corn Chips
Taco Bar – Marinated Flank Steak, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Peppers, Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsas, Soft Flour and Hard Corn Tortillas
Chicken, Cheese and Beef Enchiladas smothered in Enchilada Sauce
Tri Color Rice – Sweet Pimento, Peas, Roasted Corn
Refried Beans and Shredded Cheddar
7 Layer Taco Salad


Italian Buffet

$42 Per Person

Caprese Skewers
Traditional Meat Lasagna
Blackened Chicken Alfredo with Sundried Tomatoes
Traditional Caesar Salad – Hand torn Romaine, Anchovy Caesar Dressing, Feathered Parmesan cheese
Lemon Roasted Green Beans with Slivered Almonds

Garlicky Buttered Fresh Baked Rolls


BBQ Buffet
$52 Per Person 

Smokies in a Blanket
Smoked Pulled Pork
Smoked Chicken with Garlic Pepper Rub

Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole
Mac and Cheese with Smoked Applewood Bacon Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes — Sea Salt Chipotle Apple Slaw
Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread

Chocoolate Coca Cola Cake

Entrée Platters

Serves 25 Guests

  • Smoked Pulled Pork - $210

  • Sliced Brisket - $235

  • Smoked Cajun Rubbed Chicken - $202.50

  • Blackened Chicken Alfredo - $237.50

  • Traditional Lasagna - $220

  • Garlic Verde Vegetarian Lasagna - $210

  • Pasta Primavera - $130

  • Chicken Marsala - $275

  • Spiral Fig and Orange Glazed Ham - $12 per pound

  • Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Ginger & Mango Chutney - $275

  • Shrimp Scampi over Aromatic Rice - $300

  • Blackened Salmon with Roasted Garlic Cloves - $325

Prices do not include staff attendants, rental equipment, delivery or applicable sales tax.  • No substitutions, please. 


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